Pacific Clay Brick Products

Yankee Hill

Face Brick

Pacific Clay face brick is a superior choice for residential and commercial projects. Choosing a Pacific Clay face brick means choosing a look that will last a lifetime.

Clay Pavers

Pacific Clay pavers are durable enough for city transit use and elegant enough for residences. See the difference that genuine clay pavers make for any application.

Thin Brick

Pacific Clay is the industry leader in high quality thin brick. Our unique manufacturing process provides a full-brick look that seamlessly blends with any full-depth brick.




For over 50 years, the Pacific Coast Builders Conference (PCBC) has held it's annual show in San Francisco, California. PCBC is "a gathering of America's most prominent residential builders, developers, architects, building scientists, lenders, investors, marketers and product manufacturers. Although PCBC made its name as a homebuilding event, it now draws major builders of a wide range of housing forms-single-family, multifamily, mixed-use, seniors' and resort development."

In 2013, for the first time the PCBC Show was held at the San Diego Convention Center on June 5-6. A big thanks to everyone who came by our booth and took a look at some of the exciting new products Pacific Clay has to offer! For more about Pacific Clay's current and upcoming line of premium quality clay brick take a look at our products section.