Glazed Brick

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Pacific Clay Glazed Brick offers a classic style that fits any architectural project.

Combining a unique blend of clays and high temperature firing process, this clay glazed brick offers superior strength and durability to provide a lifetime of beauty.

Also, with its low absorption this brick can be installed virtually anywhere for a low maintenance, durable surface.

(Ask Us about Glazing other Brick Sizes & Custom Color Options)

*Brick colors represented on this website may vary from actual brick color due to differences within color and tint settings on individual computer monitors and mobile devices. In order to assure accuracy of your order please visit a local dealer or request samples of the desired products.

Black (G)

Think Brick Flat and Corner

White (G)

(G) = Glossy (M)=Matte (SM)=SATIN MATTE

Pink Lemonade (G)

Banana Freeze (G)

Lime-Aid (G)

Blue Raspberry (G)

Berry Frost (G)

Couscous (SM)

Quinoa (G)

Barley (M)

Shadows (G)

Fade (G)

Alloy (G)

Fog (G)

Aquila (G)

Corfu (G)

Capri (G)

Majorca (G)

Amalfi Coast (G)

Iron Ore (M)

Radium (SM)

Storm (G)

Oak Moss (G)

Hazelwood (M)

Sepia (M)

Hot Chili (G)

Inferno (G)

Dijon (G)

Yellow Curry (SM)

Pesto (G)

Sage (G)

Cayenne (G)


Meets ASTM c-1088, TBX, SW

Think Brick Flat

Size: 5/8” x 2-1/4” x 7-5/8”
Weight: 45 lbs. per box
Coverage: 8.8 sq. ft. per box (3/8” grout line)

Think Brick Corner

Size: 5/8” x 2-1/4” x 7-5/8” x 3-5/8” (Return)
Weight: 32 lbs. per box
Coverage: 6 liner ft. per box (3/8” grout line)